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Angela Merkel - Chancellor of Germany (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"Thank you very much for a wonderful stay in your hotel and the fantastic view. All the best for the future." - January 2011 (translated text).
Yang Jiechi - Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"Thank you very much for your warm hospitality. Happy New Year to you." - 7th January 2012.
Maxi Jazz - Lead Vocalist of British band Faithless (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"Fantastic hospitality. Many many thanks." - August 2010.
Hillary Clinton - US Secretary of State (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"Thank you for your gracious hospitality and warm welcome to Malta" - 18th October 2011.
Rod Stewart - British singer-songwriter (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"I'll be back" - August 2011.
Riccardo Cocciante - Italian singer- songwriter (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"Grazie della vostra cortesia." - July 2010.
Fu Ying - Vice Foreign Minister of People's Repblic of China (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"Feeling at Home" - March 2011.
Cliff Richard - British pop singer and musician (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"Many thanks for your hospitality. Here is to the next time!!" - May 2011.
Dione Warwick - American singer and United Nations Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organisation (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"It was a pleasure to have stayed here while in Malta. I will be back." - July 2010.
Archbishop Paul Cremona O.P. - Archbishop of Malta (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"With thanks for kind invitation at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, in beautiful settings with beautiful company and wonderful meal. With Blessings." - June 2010.
Mikheil Saaskashvili - President of Georgia (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"Unusually nice hotel with very caring staff and spectacular world's best location." - April 2010.
Patriarch Gregorious III - Patriach of Antioch and all the East, of Alexandria and Jerusalem (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
'With Love Benediction'
King Juan Carlos I - King of Spain (Posted on: 2 April 2012):
"Thank you very much for all the attention and good service." - 25th November 2009 (King of Spain).