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Spa Massage 3

After receiving one of our Facial treatments we believe that you will experience a deep feeling of well-being and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.

Express Beautifier
This skin ritual is suitable for women of all ages, and aims to increase the skin’s own level of energy and vitality, as well as protecting the skin against UV induced stress.
60 minutes – 85 Euro


Anti Aging Specialist
The aim of this highly effective and intensive anti-aging treatment is to pamper the skin with the balanced combination of manual massage techniques combined with two-three masks applications meeting the individual skin needs. The result is more resilient, radiantly fresh, visibly and palpably improved skin.
80-90 minutes – 95 Euro


The Masterpiece
This holistic beauty treatment combines the most valuable ingredients with a comprehensive massage concept. Besides the intensive effect of pure gold upon the skin.
120 minutes – 120 Euro


Lunch Packet
An extremely efficient treatment which easily fits into any daily routine. Can be used for relaxation in the lunch hour or as a preparation for the evening, wedding make-up or a special night out.
30 minutes – 40 Euro


The Masterpiece Caviar
This is a pampering treatment that is in a class above the rest. Designed for those who love luxurious skin rituals and are looking for absolutely exclusive to-notch treatments supported by the highest quality ingredients, such as caviar & silk complex, proteins, minerals and trace elements to make the skin feel smoother, firmer and silky soft.
120 minutes – 140 Euro

De-Toxifying Program
This intensive treatment is designed to revive pallid and spiritless skin, as a result of environmental factors and daily stresses. Designed for those who want to prevent premature skin aging and help the skin to gently and naturally eliminate the toxins by stimulating their own cellular detoxification system with the help of various plant extracts.
80-90 minutes – 95 Euro