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Eco Friendly Hotel Malta

We at the Grand Hotel Excelsior are committed to better living by enhancing our Hotel services whilst conserving the environment.

The Grand Hotel Excelsior is proud to be an Eco-Friendly hotel and has been eco-certified by the Malta Tourism Authority.

The Eco-Certification was established by the Malta Tourism Authority in 2002 and the criteria were last updated in 2008.  The development of the scheme and criteria was the result of extensive research taking into consideration visitors’ perceptions of environmental issues, actual environmental impact, and other environmental schemes.  In 2009 a study carried out by the MTA has confirmed a growing interest in environmental issues.

The role of the Eco-certification scheme is to encourage hotels to deliver a better product to meet the demand of the increasingly environmentally aware tourist and at the same time to recognise the hotels for their effort.

Hotels must comply with a number of criteria all aimed at improving the hotels’ environmental performance and increasing environmental awareness amongst staff. The criteria include environmental management, waste management, procurement, energy, water, air quality, noise, building and green areas, local culture and information dissemination.

Natural resources are running out while our energy consumption is increasing. We can reverse this; individually and collectively we can improve the future of our planet.

We would like to involve you in our mission:

• Turn off lights and air conditioning units when not needed in your guestroom.
• Conserve water by turning off taps when using soap or brushing your teeth.
• Place only those towels you wish to have replaced in the bathtub.
• Bed linen is changed daily – should you prefer not to have your bed linen changed on a daily basis please advise your room attendant.
• Close balcony door when air condition is still on.


Click here for the Criteria for an Eco-friendly Hotel

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