Don Antonio de’ Medici (1576–1621), the son of Francesco I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany and his mistress Bianca Capello, was a minor figure at the Grand Ducal Medici court.

Antonio was born under obscure conditions during the lifetime of Francesco’s legitimate consort, who died in childbirth in April 1578.

During his father’s lifetime no doubts were raised either of his paternity, or of Francesco’s intention that he should succeed him. Francesco legitimated Antonio and in 1584 he obtained implicit approval from Philip II of Spain, who was the overlord of Siena that the legitimated Antonio was to rule. Francesco’s younger brother had been designated for the Church, rising to the rank of Cardinal.

As a magnanimous gesture, the former Cardinal conferred some substantial property on the youth and induced him to take the clerical habit of the Knights of Malta, which would preclude any further heirs with substantial claims to the Medici inheritance.

De Medici



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