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Christmas in Malta: DECEMBER 2018


Christmas is a one of the highest celebrated feasts in Malta and Gozo, both for its religious significance as well as in its more social aspect.  The festive season brings with it several nativity scenes, displays of cribs, carol services and other events which are organised in each locality around Malta. For a very special spiritual evening, join the congregation at St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta for candlelit carol singing.

During the festive season one can see several Maltese cribs which are available for display in small chapels, village halls and even in private houses. These are considered as one of the unique traditions in Malta. In fact visiting cribs is a popular activity at Christmastime and many locals spend time going round touring the various ‘presepju’ displays. Some are very artistic and elaborate, with figures moving around mechanically and a degree of detail that comes from hours of meticulous work by dedicated craftsmen.

A Christmas highlight, which is popular for children and adults alike, is the annual pantomime held at the Manoel Theatre and other venues. It’s a happy mix of good slapstick humour for children and satire for adults.

So if you will be in Malta during Christmas you will surely enjoy the festive spirit which is present in every village and town in Malta and Gozo.

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