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Tips for a Glowing and Healthy Skin

A lot of money is being spent on purchasing cosmetics and products that promise to make you feel better. However, nutritionists keep on preaching that you are what you eat. Some experts in the field advise that to get glowing skin and a clear complexion you need to incorporate some great foods in your diet…

Salmon Dish

1. Oily Fish Like salmon or tuna
Eating fish provides your body with biotin, a B vitamin that produces fatty acids and metabolizes amino acids (the building blocks of protein). On the other hand a deficiency of biotin can cause scaly skin.

2. Chia seeds
Omega-3 fatty acids such as oily fish, chia seeds and walnuts help maintain cell membranes by protecting the skin and providing it with moisture.

3. Sweet potatoes
Filling your meals with colorful fruits and vegetables provides your body with lots of water, and thus keep your skin and other cells adequately hydrated. In fact a diet rich in vitamin A, like sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach has proven to enhance skin color and appearance by increasing its yellowness and redness.

4. Almonds
Almonds are rich in vitamin E and thus can also help you maintain healthy skin.

5. Sunflower seeds
These little seeds provide an excellent source of vitamin E and help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals in the environment and in the body.

6. Complex carbohydrates
Processed foods such as pasta, white rice and also white flour can increase inflammation and cause acne flair-ups. In your daily diet replace pasta, white bread and white rice with complex carbohydrates such as barley, quinoa and brown rice. These food types are all lower on the glycemic index.

7. Orange juice
Although juices are often thought of as high in sugar content and with no main benefit to one’s health, orange juice provides fluids to keep you hydrated and Vitamin C, which works as an antioxidant to protect skin and other cells from damage caused by free radicals in the environment and in the body. Vitamin C also helps create collagen, the body’s main structural protein.

Eating some of these foods will help you look and feel better. Enjoy some extra health and wellness benefits by visiting Le Grand Spa at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta and pamper yourself with one of our spa treatments. Let Our top Malta Spa Team help you enjoy this journey of relaxation and wellness.

If you would like to try some delicious and healthy dishes, visit our restaurants which are claimed to be some of the best restaurants in Malta and enjoy a unique dining experience. This superior 5 star hotel in Malta has so much to offer…

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World Tourism Day 2013

Join us in celebrating World Tourism Day

on Friday 27th September 2013.

The theme around this year’s World Tourism Day is Tourism and Water – Protecting Our Common Future.

World Tourism Day 2013

To celebrate this day the Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta’s Lobby will be busy with activities from 9.00hrs till 18.00hrs.

Wander around the Arts & Crafts Exhibition where you will find displays of mosaic, ceramics, filigree, weaving, monsters’ creations and a small collection of Maltese paintings.

The Ministry for Energy and the Conservation of Water will also be exhibiting informative and educational material related to this year’s theme.

Activities in the Lobby are free of charge.

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Asian Buffet Dinner at the Admirals Landing

Food is a Cultural Journey. In the evening celebrate the diversity of cultures by joining us for an Asian Buffet Dinner with a selection of Chinese, Thai and Indian Cuisine at one of our top restaurants in Malta.

For more information kindly call the Grand Hotel Excelsior on 21250520 or email us on food.beverage@excelsior.com.mt.


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