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Malta Festa Night at the Grand Hotel Excelsior!

On the 18th August join us for a Maltese Experience…
An evening of live ‘village festa’ music, serving sumptuous food against a truly Maltese backdrop with stalls of traditional Maltese delicacies and local crafts.
A typical Maltese Strolling Band willl be performing for 15 minutes in the hotel lobby and then be moving to the Marina Triangle Area and performing for an additional 45 minutes.
Guests are greeted with a welcome drink and are free to wander around the area which will include a number of stalls selling traditional delicacies and crafts. To complement the evening guests may then proceed to their tables to begin their meal which will be a Maltese Style Buffet Dinner.

Should you wish to place your booking for Our Special Maltese Festa Night kindly contact our Food and Beverage Team on +356 21250520 or by email on:

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Malta Events – Antonello Venditti to perform at Ta’ Qali

Vendetti will be supported by local band Winter Moods, in a top Malta concert organised by Standout Events.
Speaking at a press conference announcing the concert, Venditti – who had performed in Malta in 2001 – described the island as being “one of the most important countries in the world”.
You can speak any language in the world when you’re in Malta, and you’ll be understood. It’s a magical place, and it’s a place where people can live well – which is rare, because out in the world, people aren’t living well,” he said, adding that he has a good relationship with his supporting act, Winter Moods.
“They’re a great band, and we’re good friends. In them I see a joie de vivre that seems typical of Malta, a willingness to express solidarity.”
Venditti also divulged that unlike his 2001 concert, which was more orchestral-based, the upcoming gig will be a rock performance.
Boasting of a long career which began in the early 70s, Antonello Venditti can boast of a multi-generational fan base, partly thanks to his perceptive satirical lyrics which express a love-hate relationship with his country of origin, and particularly his birth city: Rome.
Antonello Venditti will be visiting Malta as part of his ‘Unica 2012′ tour.
Click her to View the Full article.
Stay updated with popular Malta Events taking place during your holidays in Malta.
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Malta – Life During the War

The role of Malta in the Second World War reflects the strategic position that it held in the Mediterranean as it acted as a gateway between the continents of Europe and Africa seeing as it was Britain’s most important Mediterranean naval base. Hence, when Mussolini plunged Italy into the war in 1940, Malta knew that it was destined to play a frontline role. In fact, Malta holds the record for the heaviest, sustained bombing attack: some 154 days and nights and 6,700 tons of bombs.
The people in Malta faced many challenges. Those who lived in the capital Valletta and “The Three Cities” had to be evacuated because of the danger of bombing and were also forced underground into a network of bomb shelters that could reportedly house nearly half of the island’s population. Due to the ferocious bombing, many towns and villages were reduced to rubble and hence, most people were spending long periods in the shelters as a form of protection.
When their morale was at its lowest, there came a glimmer of light, of hope, of joy for such a long-suffering people. The bravery and courage portrayed by the Islands population was not gone unnoticed and on the 15th April, 1942, King George VI awarded the island the George Cross, which is considered to be the highest civilian medal, for its peoples bravery and heroism.
“To honour her brave people, I award the George Cross to the Island Fortress of Malta to bear witness to a heroism and devotion that long be famous in history”.
Once the war ended, the Maltese Islands were economically and physically devastated. In 1947, the Islands were granted around £30 million to help rebuild it. However it took several decades and further restructuring once the British forces left Malta completely in 1979, to rebuild the economy.
Re-live the Great Siege that erupted between the Knights of St John and the fierce Ottoman Empire; French and British rule; and the city’s heroic role in World War II. Check Out the Valletta History Package offered by this Luxury Malta Hotel.
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