Excelsior Hotel’s contribution towards the Malta Community Chest Fund

VALLETTA, MALTA, November 2010 – A fundraising event on the occasion of Halloween was organised by the Sports and Social Committee of the Grand Hotel Excelsior earlier on this month. All proceeds will be donated to the Malta Community Chest Fund during the ever so popular ‘Strina’ programme aired on all local TV stations on Boxing Day.
Members of the organising committee dedicated time out from their normal working hours to decorate the hotel’s Exhibition Hall for this special occasion. The event was well attended by around one hundred and fifty members of staff together with their families and friends. Snacks and drinks were served to guests with the hotel’s compliments.
The Grand Hotel Excelsior team makes every effort to assist those in need – be it employees or the members of the community.

Caption: the Exhibition Hall themed for the event.

Caption: Staff Members dressed up to win the competition for the best costume.

For more information about what’s happening in Malta and at this superior hotel kindly visit this Luxury Malta Hotel’s Website.
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