A Toast to China and its People at the Grand Hotel Excelsior

VALLETTA, MALTA, August 2011 – Expressing either joy or sorrow, and present in many of China’s legends, alcohol plays a very important role in Chinese culture. Be it the Spring Festival, the Double Ninth Festival, weddings, birthdays or the 100th day following the birth of a baby, wines and spirits are always used to honour the ceremony.
To celebrate the friendship that the Maltese enjoy with the Chinese People, the Grand Hotel Excelsior had the pleasure to invite the Ambassador of China to Mata, His Excellency, Mr Zhang Keyuan, and the staff at the Chinese Embassy, to a discussion on European alcoholic drinks and cocktails as well as customs and etiquette acknowledged whilst drinking in our Continent.
The Ambassador thanked Excelsior Bars Manager Paul Cassar and his assistant David Mc Keon, who conducted the discussion together, and promised to be back to the Hotel to exchange more interesting facts about the two cultures.
If you’re planning your next holiday to Malta stay updated with top Malta events taking place at the Grand Hotel Excelsior.
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