Recipe of the Month – Prinjolata

A traditional Maltese Dessert prepared especially for Carnival. The name Prinjolata comes from the word ‘Prinjol’ which means Pine Nuts in Maltese.
The prinjolata is a delicious carnival cake that is instantly recognizable from it’s unusual shape. When ready, the prinjolata resembles a snow capped mountain.
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2 thoughts on “Recipe of the Month – Prinjolata

  1. Bernice

    For the prinjolata filling it says that you need the condensed milk however it is not listed in the ingredients. Please can you advise the amount I need to use. Thanks

    1. Denise Camilleri

      Dear Bernice,

      Good afternoon. For this recipe you need around 200ml condensed milk.

      Thanks and have a nice day.

      The Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta.


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