Things to do in Malta: Bird Park & Salini Park Nature Tour

The Bird Park is now open to the general public.
Nestled within Salina, Bird Park Malta so far has been Malta’s best kept secret! Home to over 200 species of birds and animals, the park is a must for all nature-lovers. Flamingos, pelicans, swans, storks, owls, cranes, parrots and many other amazing birds from around the world thrive happily with kangaroos, wallabies, antelope, meerkats, deer, genets, marmosets and more… This nature-themed leisure park is a first for Malta and offers a unique experience.
Salini Park
This site is one of the last remaining salt marshes in the Maltese Islands. The remarkable landscape is also home to a variety of native flora and fauna.
The tour starts from 11.30hrs till 14.30hrs and is available from Wednesday to Sunday including Public Holidays.
This package includes the following:
• 3 hour Tour with our Executive Chauffeur Driven Service
• Entrance to the Bird Park Malta
• A visit to The Salini Park where you can enjoy a small snack offered by this Luxury Malta Hotel
Price for 2 persons 140.00 Euros
Price for 3 persons 160.00 Euros
Price for 4 persons 180.00 Euros
Should you wish to experience one of Our Exclusive Tours during your Holidays in Malta kindly contact our transport office on: +356 21250520 or on
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