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Lampuki – A Traditional Maltese Dish

This month our Executive Chef, Roger Friggieri participated in a local competition called Chef’s Challenge. Roger was provided with four items including the “lampuki” with which he had to create something special.
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The lampuka is Malta’s most popular Autumn fish, with its delicate and coveted meat ready to be prepared in a variety of ways. The lampuki season, which starts at the end of August and runs well into November, brings out early-morning hawkers with their typical cry of “lampuki hajjin” (which means ‘lampuki alive’), plying their fresh wares to the Maltese housewives.

This particular fish, also known as the dorado or mahi-mahi, migrates past Malta and Gozo during the late Summer and Autumn. The local fishing technique used is rather particular. Palm fronds are cut and woven into flat rafts, which are then taken out to sea by the fishermen aboard their luzzu boats. The raft is put into position and left a while. Once the sun is high in the sky, the frond rafts create a lovely shaded area, which the lampuki find hard to resist. Sheltering under it in large shoals, the lampuki are then quickly caught with surrounding nets, to be then sold early next morning on the Maltese market. This method, known as kannizzati, has changed little over the past two millennia.

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Gozo – Excelsior Malta Excursions

Gozo, meaning “joy” in Castilian, is the second largest Island of the Maltese archipelago, with a population of approximately 30,000.
Though separated from mainland Malta by a 5km stretch of sea, Gozo is distinctly different from Malta. The Island is a third the size of Malta, more rural and simple, its culture and way of life rooted in fishing, as well as in primitive pastoral and agricultural activity.
Exuding a relaxed pace of life, Gozo is the ideal secluded safe haven and at just 25 minutes or so by ferry from Malta, the hop can easily be made for even the shortest stay.
Gozo and its inhabitants have their own distinct character and identity, with noticeably different lifestyles, accents and dialect. Gozitans are known for their friendliness and welcome to visitors, going out of their way to indicate a direction or help a visitor find their destination.
The real beauty of Gozo, apart from its stunning seascape and interior, lies in the villages. Here, it seems as if time really does stand still. The locals treasure their peace and the villages are tranquil, proving to be a wonderful respite from the trials and tribulations of everyday life for visitors.
Village bars open early in order to cater for the early risers who attend the first mass of the morning and close fairly late at night, catering for the socialising needs of locals and visitors. These watering holes have stayed unchanged for decades, the only sign of time passing by being the food and drink displayed for sale on the solid shelves and the Edwardian glass cases.
All roads in Gozo lead to Victoria, also known as Rabat, which is where the fortified citadel sits atop a summit.
Restaurants abound in Rabat, Mgarr and the fishing villages of Marsalforn and Xlendi, as well as in several other places.
Price for 2 to 4 persons: 160 Euro, or
Price for 5 to 6 persons: 180 Euro.

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Life is the Bubbles… Under the Sea…

Diving in Malta

Set like precious gems in a sea of purest blue, the five islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino, Comminotto and Filfla offer a diverse and captivating experience, both above and below the water. The warm clear blue Mediterranean surrounding the Maltese Islands beckons divers down to discover many hidden delights most of which are world renowned and frequented by thousands every year.

Safe tideless water offer year round accessibility with Summer presenting its own character and charm. The Islands are honeycombed with stunning caves, caverns and grottos to be explored and enjoyed by those who know where to find them.
Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced diver, we can help you do the right choice to immerse yourself in this splendid underwater world.
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