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How to find time to Stay Fit & to Relax during Your Working Week

Fitness Centre - Le Grand Spa Malta 

So what’s so great about going to a gym full of sweaty and smelly people to try and get fit? There’s so much hype going on about leading a healthy lifestyle.

A few years ago magazines and billboards used to portray images of skinny people in their advertising campaigns and people used to believe that being skinny is beautiful. Nowadays the emphasy is on leading a health life. Everywhere you look, whether it being surfing the internet, using your preferred social media platforms like Facebook, or simply going to your favourite book store there are images of people exercising and eating healthily. With all the awareness being provided by the health authorities and the attention given by the media, whether you are a youngster or a middle aged person, you are surely influenced in one way or another.

Health experts and doctors recommend that we stay active throughout our life. Doesn’t it feel great to wake up in the morning full of energy and ready to hit the road and face a new day with its pleasure and challenges.

Ok, enough with the excuses. It’s true that some gyms are packed with women exercising on treadmills and men lifting weights, however if you find a small gym in your locality or near your workplace, or simply build a small gym at home you can get started and reap some great benefits. However you definitely don’t need to be a fitness freak to enjoy a work out at the gym. With a short 30 minute workout a few times a week you can be on the right track to a better life. You will feel better, look better and be more energetic to enjoy life.

Spa Membership

With this in mind the Le Grand Spa Team at the Grand Hotel Excelsior is offering the opportunity to a few individuals to enjoy An Exclusive Spa and Fitness Centre Membership Package. By becoming a member you will enjoy top quality leisure and fitness facilities through exclusive, personalized service and product innovation. Enjoy our luxurious Spa in the heart of Valletta, and indulge in some much-needed pampering. Work-out in our fully-equipped technogym, or treat yourself to a dip in our pool. Membership is exclusive and is subject to the Hotel Management discretion.

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So if you work in Valletta and would like to enjoy our spa facilities during your lunch break or after work this is an ideal opportunity for you! Give yourself a special treat and enjoy the benefits of a healthy life.

Le Grand Spa Malta is managed by a team of professional therapists, and offers a range of services from beauty to specialized spa treatments. Our therapists have a wealth of experience in local and international spas, and are committed to creating the perfect ambience, ensuring that each treatment exceeds our clients’ expectations. If you are interested in Our Exclusive Malta Spa and Fitness Membership, Le Grand Spa is offering you the opportunity to try our product prior to purchasing the membership. Simply contact Our Spa Manager, Donna Doyle at Le Grand Spa on or on +356 21250520 and she will fix an appointment for you.

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Spa and Wellness Malta – Body Masks

A Health & Beauty Tip
The best beauty remedy you can do for yourself is to treat your body with natural herbs. Enhance your natural beauty with the help of natural body care secrets.
A Useful Tip: Prepare body masks made of turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, chickpea flour, orange peel, ground almonds and yogurt (for oily, sensitive, normal or combination skin) or almond oil or rose essential oil (for dry skin). Apply the mix with a brush on your face, neck and other areas of your body, avoiding the delicate areas around the eyes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, and massage and rinse off with cool water.
If you feel like being pampered these are some of the body masks that Le Grand Spa Malta offers in combination with a full body massage.
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Fitness Malta – A Health & Beauty Tip: Exfoliation

Are you preparing yourself to look radiant this Summer?

This is another tip that will help you look healthier.

Exfoliation is one of the things that helps to keep your skin smooth and silky. The process removes the dead cells from the skin, thereby preventing the built up of dead cells in the pores.

Main Benefits of Exfoliating:

  • It keeps the skin soft and glowing
  • It speeds up your skins natural renewal process
  • It helps your moisturizer penetrate into the skin deeper
  • By removing the dead skin, the process will keep your pores from clogging which keeps acne under control
  • Makes your skin brighter and it keeps fine lines and wrinkles in check.

Hope this Fitness Malta Article was interesting and useful.

Live a Healthy Life!

Should you wish to experience one of our special treatments check out what this Spa Hotel Malta has to offer. 

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