Christmas came early this year!!

35 days until Christmas, but Jolly Roger and his band of merry chefs are in high spirits and are already celebrating.
Who can blame them for cracking open the Champagne, having brought home an incredible haul of medals in the Malta Kulinarja Gastronomic Competition which was held last week.
Keeping with tradition, our chefs won the top prizes in the Senior Team and Junior Team events and our Noel Azzopardi was named Chef of the Year.
Having been awarded for excellence, team work and inspiration, our chefs, under the guidance of Roger Friggieri, David Pulis and Noel Azzopardi, are making plans and preparations that will make your Christmas and New Year truly memorable events. Indeed, this Christmas season you are in for a treat by our award winning chefs.
On this occasion Our Chefs would like to invite you to taste our exceptional food during your Christmas Festivities in Malta!
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