Malta Events – Antonello Venditti to perform at Ta’ Qali

Vendetti will be supported by local band Winter Moods, in a top Malta concert organised by Standout Events.
Speaking at a press conference announcing the concert, Venditti – who had performed in Malta in 2001 – described the island as being “one of the most important countries in the world”.
You can speak any language in the world when you’re in Malta, and you’ll be understood. It’s a magical place, and it’s a place where people can live well – which is rare, because out in the world, people aren’t living well,” he said, adding that he has a good relationship with his supporting act, Winter Moods.
“They’re a great band, and we’re good friends. In them I see a joie de vivre that seems typical of Malta, a willingness to express solidarity.”
Venditti also divulged that unlike his 2001 concert, which was more orchestral-based, the upcoming gig will be a rock performance.
Boasting of a long career which began in the early 70s, Antonello Venditti can boast of a multi-generational fan base, partly thanks to his perceptive satirical lyrics which express a love-hate relationship with his country of origin, and particularly his birth city: Rome.
Antonello Venditti will be visiting Malta as part of his ‘Unica 2012′ tour.
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