Maltese Islands Celebrate Santa Marija

On Monday 15th August, the Maltese Islands celebrate the feast of Santa Marija Assumption. In the light of this religious celebration Mosta, Attard, Qrendi, Gudja, Ghaxaq and Victoria, Gozo organize spectacular feasts.
The day also commemorates the arrival of what is historically known as the Santa Marija convoy. Operation Pedestal was a British convoy of 15 merchant ships that barely made it to Malta with food, ammunition and provisions in August 1942 during the World War II. The arrival of the convoy was deemed miraculous after other convoys in previous months which had attempted to reach the island were sunk after they were bombed by the Axis of Germany and Italy.
The feast is also synonymous with a period of rest, with thousands of workers enjoying the annual shut-down and crossing over between Malta and Gozo.
Should you wish to visit one of the villages and towns celebrating this feast, please contact Josette or Chris at our Chauffeur Driven Service Office of the Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta and they will ensure you are taken to your destination of fun, intrigue and colours.
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