Maharlika at Le Grand Spa Malta

Le Grand Spa at the Grand Hotel Excelsior provides an island of calm in a hectic world.
We realize time is precious and life stressful; our aim is to ensure that you make the most of your time and reap the rewards of relaxation and restoration. Our collection of therapies has been inspired by nature and incorporates a variety of cultural touches from around the world.
Inherited from Philippine ancestors and used for Royal pampering, our unique signature Maharlika therapy uses a fusion of healing touch and ancient massage traditions to ensure physiological and mental wellbeing. It assists with relieving physical imbalance, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins and stimulates the energy flow throughout the Body.
Every therapist has been trained by holistic spa ‘guru’ Victor Quemuel who has developed the wonderful art of Maharlika therapy.
Le Grand Spa Signature Maharlika Thread Peeling Facial: 90 minutes, 120 Euro
Le Grand Spa Signature Maharlika Foot Ritual: 45 minutes, 50 Euro
Le Grand Spa Signature Maharlika Pedicure: 90 minutes, 50 Euro
Le Grand Spa Maharlika Manicure: 90 minutes, 45 Euro
*Le Grand Spa Signature Maharlika Massage: 90 minutes, 120 Euro
Should you wish to book a massage or treatment at one of the Top Malta Spas contact us on +356 2319 2115 or
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