Spa and Wellness Malta: Deep Hair Treatments

Le Grand Spa Malta brings you the importance of using hair treatments:
a) A deep conditioning treatment restores moisture and repairs dry, brittle hair.
b) Deep conditioning works by smoothening the outer layer (cuticle) and improving the look and feel of your hair.
c) Choosing the right products and using proper techniques is essential for getting the best results for your hair look as it restores your hair and improves appearance.

How often should I use a deep treatment?
It is important that you do a professional treatment at least every 4-8 weeks.
Who needs it the most?   This depends on the condition your hair is in:
a) If its chemically treated it needs more moisture,
b) If you use a lot of styling products (waxs, gels, sprays) you need to treat it more often,
c) If your hair is exposed to elements everyday and they loose moisture and nutrients by time.
Deep conditioners are filled with oils, herbs, moisture, silk and keratin protein (which is the protein of the hair).
If you feel like being pampered, this Luxury Hotel in Malta offers the service of a qualified hairdresser. To place your booking kindly contact the Team at  Le Grand Spa Malta on 21250520 or send us an email on
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