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Mini Bars Packages

At the Grand Hotel Excelsior we appreciate that no two guests are the same, so why should minibars be similar? The Grand Hotel Excelsior’s “Feed the Fridge” program allows you to request specific minibar packages according to your own preferences and plans for the evening.

You can personalise your minibar according to your preferences. And in order to assist you in choosing your requirements we have created some easy-to-order packages.

The family-friendly “Kiddies Corner” package includes:

• 4 bottles of Soft Drinks,

• 4 bottles of still water,

• 4 bottles of juices,

• 1 Kit Kat,

• 1 Lion bar and

• 1 Pringles.

Price: €40.00 per package on a non refundable basis.


“Tiny Bubbles” Packages (Two options)  

 The fancier “Tiny Bubbles” package includes:

• 2 small bottles of Champagne

and a choice of the below: 

Option Menu 1

Crispy fried cheese dumplings served with pickled fruit jam accompanied with a portion of our exquisite chocolate creation, 


Option Menu 2

Camembert cheese served with bread crostini and cranberry chutney accompanied with a portion of our homemade apple gallett     

Price: €95.00 per package on a non refundable basis.

You can also opt for the “Micro Brewery” package, which consists of four types of beers, and nibbles to enjoy whilst sipping the fresh golden pint.

The Micro Brewery package includes:

• 2 bottles of Budweiser,

• 2 bottles of Cisk Lager,

• 2 bottles of Carlsberg and

• 2 bottles of Heineken.

The above is served with Pringles crisps and nuts.  

Price: €35.00 per package on a non refundable basis.


 Should you wish to prebook your minibar package kindly send us an email on and mention your preferred packages.